Home Office


  • Schedule 30 minutes weekly to pay bills. Don’t wait until they’re due, you could be
    hit with a late fee.


  • Put reminders and invitations immediately on your calendar and toss.
  • Set aside 15-30 minutes daily to go through the mail and sort, toss and/or file.
    Eliminate it before you store it. Open mail at the trash can and toss junk
    mail, expired oupons, old greeting cards, invitations to past events. Shred those
    credit card offers – identity theft is the number one crime in America.


  • Avoid overcrowding cabinets – you don’t need multiple items of the same
    thing. Chances are you’ll never use them all at the same time.

Create long term storage areas – keep seasonal items like the turkey
roaster, holiday dishware and linens, summer barbeque equipment – away
from primary  work centers.

Clear off kitchen counter tops. Keep only those items you use regularly
like the coffee maker and toaster.


Think vertical…double tier closet rods. Stock the shelves with clear, labeled,
plastic containers for shoes, purses, scarves.

Go through every items in your closet and purge anything that has not been worn
in two years, or may never fit you again!

Relocate off season clothes to a guest bedroom, attic or basement.

Keeping items because they cost you good money, is costing you more in
wasted space, frustration at not finding what you need when you need it. Clear
them out of  your closet and your mind.

Remember, getting and staying organized is attainable as long as the systems
you create work for your individual lifestyle and situation.