Ellen Newman saved my life. She started in my storage unit which was a compilation of a two moves and no cleaning out since 1989 (a nightmare). I never imagined in my wildest dreams that someone would be willing to go through my mess and bring order to my life. From there she moved through my apartment and everyday mess and once again bestowed peace and order.

Real life example #1: Christmas decorating this year was effortless. I went to my storage room pulled out all of the boxes labeled: Christmas lights, ornaments, stockings etc. set things up and put them all away ready for next year. I no longer dread the inevitable digging to find something.

Real life example #2: If your paper trail is all over your house this will be music to your ears. Ellen took every piece of paper out of my house and brought it back to me in files with labels. I can now put my finger on every important document within seconds. I must confess this is a first for me.  Elizabeth

Ellen’s professional expertise made a world of difference in my life…I was so stuck, so far behind in getting my house and “stuff” organized. I didn’t know where to begin and felt pretty bad about myself. Ellen came in and immediately put me at ease and was like a true friend who was able to get me organized and motivated. Knowledgable, professional and compassionate is how I would describe her.   Meredith M

 My husband was ready to undergo major surgery that would limit his maneuverability for a few months. My townhouse was all junked up and over the course of a few visits, Ellen and I paved the way for a smooth return from the hospital to a neater, less cluttered environment”…..N. Johnson

When I called ClutterRx, I was overwhelmed and frozen in my home office mess. Ellen came in and after asking me enough questions to understand my needs and the way I work, she not only organized my work but took the time to show me how to keep it that way. The fact that she made it almost fun was icing on the cake! Her personality and organization knowledge was exactly what I needed. I have been back on track ever since! Jim Payne

As a busy working mom, hiring Ellen has been an enormous relief for me. I needed someone to help me organize many aspects of my life – both work and home. She is professional, realistic, talented, experienced, and great at her job. We have worked together for over 9 months including a move from one home to another that I could not have done without her! Ellen has been a great choice for me. There is always great value in what she does. Every interaction is just a great experience and very valuable to me. Mary C

Having Ellen come to help me organize my basement has been a God send! Each time she comes over, I feel like we’ve accomplished something important and I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Ellen is fun to be with. We laugh together and it makes the purging of junk easier and less stressful. As I’ve told Ellen, it’s cheaper than a trip to the shrink! Joanne M

“Ellen Newman (Clutter Rx) was a lifesaver to me during my recent move to McLean. She did a great job de-cluttering and organizing prior to the move, supervising and staffing both properties during the move, and settling my family into our new house after the move. Within a day our new house truly felt like home. In addition, I have worked with ClutterRx on an ongoing basis to organize and categorize our family’s files. Ellen puts together the most easy-to-use and awesome looking filing system in the business!! Ellen is a delight to work with. She is diligent, trustworthy, professional and dedicated to her client. I’d prescribe Clutter Rx to anyone”.   Stacey T.