Realtors regard “first impression” improvements such as decluttering closets to be one of the smartest ways to speed the sale of a home and get a better price. New York State Association of Realtors

ClutterRx can minimize the chaos from the time you decide to move, through the unpacking and settling into your new home. Why pay to move the clutter in those closets, attics and basements…things you probably haven’t looked at or touched in years.

  • Sorting, purging and donating those unwanted, unused items in your old home.
  • Works with your moving company to create an inventory during the packing process.
  • Determine placement of furniture and accessories in new home.
  • Unpack all boxes and items are placed in an organized fashion.

Home/Business Office Organizing
Household Organizing
Handyman Services

When you analyze the cost of clutter, the reward of being organized is well worth
the cost of hiring a professional