Identity theft claims 10 million victims a year and costs consumers and businesses approximately $52 billion annually. Federal Trade Commission

25% of adults say they pay bills late (and thus incur fees) because they lose them. Harris Interactive

The average desk worker has 36 hours of work on his or her desk and spends
3 hours per week sorting piles trying to find the project to work on next.
The Overload Syndrome

Americans waste 9,000,000 hours per day searching for misplaced items. American Demographics Society.

We can help you get control of the deluge of paper that comes into your home or business with functional and easy systems.

• Paper and Mail Management
• Bill paying
• File management
• Storage solutions
• Research
• Administrative support
• Office product control

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When you analyze the cost of clutter, the reward of being organized is well worth
the cost of hiring a professional