FDA has asked Pfizer, Inc. To withdraw Bextra from the marketplace because the general risk versus advantage profile for the medication is unfavorable. FDA in addition has asked Pfizer to include a boxed caution in the Celebrex label. Pfizer has decided to suspend sales and marketing of Bextra in the U.S., pending further discussions with the agency. Pfizer has agreed to use FDA on the boxed warning for Celebrex. FDA is certainly asking manufacturers of all additional prescription NSAIDs to revise their labels to include the same boxed warning highlighting the prospect of increased risk of cardiovascular events and gastrointestinal bleeding connected with their use.Therefore, in order to avoid chronic diseases, it is vital to indulge into healthful exercises to keep up a healthy life-style. If you want to make a healthy statement, you can purchase fitness equipment on-line at unprecedented rates. For instance, you can buy exercise equipment bench for a sophisticated session of bench press and muscle mass building. There are several benefits of performing workout; the most important being that it can help in reducing the extreme weight.